Path to Konor Tournament

Path to Konor Tournament

  • Adam Pratt

Muster your forces for war in this prequel event to the upcoming summer campaign Fate of Konor.   How you perform in this event may earn your forces merits in the upcoming campaign! Spoils of war will go to the victor.

The format will be Combat Patrol, each player will bring a 500 point Patrol Detatchment.  No single unit or model may be more than 249 points, and no named or unique characters. 

This will be a King of the Hill style event. Please be at the shop by noon for a 1pm start time. 

Perks will be handed out to the most successful generals, and a prize will be given for the best painted force.

Tournament is on Saturday, July 8 at 12 PM at 1515 Hancock St, Quincy, MA 02169.