Zombicide - Green Horde : Friends and Foes

Zombicide - Green Horde : Friends and Foes

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The Friends and Foes is a full expansion for Zombicide: Green Horde. For $50 this box contains a myriad extras to enrich your Zombicide experience. On the "Friends" side, it includes not only new Survivors and weapons to equip them, but also faithful Familiars to aid them in their quests. On the "Foes" side, you have the challenging Tainted Walkers and Abomination, from which you'll want to keep your distance, 5 new treacherous tiles, and 10 new deadly Quests!

The full contents of the Zombicide: Friends and Foes expansion are:

  • 4 Survivor figures and ID cards
  • 6 Familiar figures
  • 18 Tainted Walker figures
  • 1 Tainted Abomination figure
  • 5 double-sided tiles
  • 17 Equipment cards
  • 14 Zombie cards
  • Rulebook with 10 new Quests

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