Zombicide - Green Horde Paul Bonner box

Zombicide - Green Horde Paul Bonner box

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We were extremely happy with the characters created by the amazing artist Paul Bonner for his last Special Guest box, so we invited him to contribute some more of his incredible artwork for a new Special Guest box:

The Paul Bonner Special Guest Box Optional Buy brings players a roster of amazing new characters, including 1 Necromancer and 4 Survivors. But wait, you say, I only see 4 drawings on that banner. Well, read on, and you'll understand!

First off we have Faolan, the vampiric Necromancer

Then we have the mighty Carol Black-Oak!

And to show that not all orcs are on the side of evil, Tola joins the fray!

And last, but certainly not least, we have the awe-inspiring Kirag and Thorg!

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