Chains Barrow Slavers: Frenzied Unit

Chains Barrow Slavers: Frenzied Unit

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Some slaves are just too wild, too resistant to the drugs the Slavers of Chains Barrow use to control their captives. These special monsters, often taken from the Skarrd tribes, are the Frenzied. These beasts are best used by wrapping them in deadly weapons, pumping them full of stims, and setting them free to kill everything in their path until they eventually pass out!

• Highly detailed metal miniatures
• The Frenzied are line troopers for a Slavers of Chains Barrow warband.
• The Frenzied are best thrown forward into the enemy lines and unleashed. Their many-bladed gauntlets are perfect for draining the blood from line troopers and multi-wound models alike.

Box contains: four (4) Frenzied models, four (4) 40mm bases, and one (1) Dark Age unit card.

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