Salt Flat Nomads: War Beasts Unit

Salt Flat Nomads: War Beasts Unit

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Salt Flat Nomad Herders spend their lives raising and domesticating their livestock herds, but a few species never do release their wilder, predatory selves. The pack-hunting birds of prey, the vrock, and the voracious, sand-swimming moloki desert-dragons. With these animals loosed from their leashes, everyone should beware their claws and teeth!

• Highly detailed resin miniatures
• These models are line and elite troops for a Salt Flat Nomad warband.
• The Vrocks are best driven forward by the Herders in pairs; get them into combat and see their beaks sunder armor. The Moloki can operate in pairs or individually; although they can be strong on the front lines, they can also be left to guard important objectives or choke points on the table top.

Box contains: two (2) Vrock models, two (2) Moloki models, two (2) 50mm bases, two (2) 40mm bases, and their Dark Age unit cards.

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