Skarrd: Faction Starter Box

Skarrd: Faction Starter Box

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Banished by their Forsaken brethren, warped body and soul by toxic mutagens, displaying terrifying psychic powers, the Skarrd hunger for human flesh. Living in tribes led by the psychogenic Fathers, The Skarrd are cannibalistic nomads lurking in the Northern Wastelands. Exposure to radiation changed them, some devolving, others mutating, yet others displaying strange psychic abilities, but all sharing the same gibbering madness. Their forces bolstered by the Heretic Saint Johann and his blasphemous Grafters, the Skarrd will never forgive nor forget their treatment at the hands of the Forsaken and yearn for the day of their bloody reunion. The day of reckoning approaches!

• 1x Buzzblade A

• 1x Buzzblade B

• 1x Buzzblade C

• 3x Harpy A

• 1x Harpy B

• 1x Harpy C

• 1x Warhead

• 1x Tribal Father

 All models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Models are resin and/or white metal, and are supplied with their unit cards and appropriately sized plastic bases.

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