Dark Age

Please Note:  Due to a combination of production issues and the string of tropical storms, the good folks at Dark Age have had difficulty in filling our orders (and hence, our customer's orders). 

If you would like to inquire, or place a back order for items that are OUT OF STOCK, please contact us.

Never fear!  We haven't forgotten anyone, and will fill EVERY order as soon as possible.  We are currently in the process of directly dealing with CMON to solve this very issue.  Some items we still have in stock, but many are fulfillment orders (meaning it could take a few weeks to fill your orders.) THANK YOU for your patience.

Keep Dark Age rolling....

Abandoned in the collapse of their star-spanning empire the humans of Samaria must battle for survival; against each other, the monsters they have created and the harsh planet itself. This is no place for weakness, only through courage and determination can a man hope to endure in the savage wasteland. Dark Age is a gritty, D20 driven, post-apocalyptic skirmish miniatures game for your tabletop. The game contains rules that are easy to learn and get you into the action right away. You can tailor how you play your game by Activation Points and alternate activations. The game is illustrated by a number of top artists including the inimitable Brom; the world of Samaria is brought to life as never before. Will you become just another victim of this Dark Age or do you have what it takes to survive the Apocalypse?

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