Bounty Hunters: Ranged Combat Specialists

Bounty Hunters: Ranged Combat Specialists

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Bullets can be expensive, but these bounty hunters have found the perfect ratio between trigger and pay day. The sinister Cesspool with his vile ammunition, the singing machine pistols of the mysterious Dedlock, the stubborn instinctual aim of Old Ma, or the advanced tech of the space pirate Captain Jake Flay– you cannot hide from these professional killers.


  • Highly detailed metal miniatures.
  • These Bounty Hunters can be elite troopers in an Outcast or a Forsaken warband.
  • Although he is pretty light on the armor, Cesspool can handle himself up close but his Scourge Pistol can deliver Rot counters at range.
Dedlock has no close combat attacks, but her machine-pistols can deliver either a hail of bullets over an area or a few precision shots.  Old Ma and her trusty sidearm can deliver a variety of fatal ranged blows particularly effective against well-armored models.  Captain Jake Flay brings a powerful bio-stunner to the table, and despite its short range, it can drop most models with one shot!


1 Cesspool,

1 Dedlock,

1 Old Ma,

1 Captain Jake Flay,

4 30mm bases,

and their Dark Age Unit Cards



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