War for the Mortal Realms

War for the Mortal Realms

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A Warhammer Age of Sigmar Omnibus

I have a story to tell you… I shall start at the breaking of the Tempest, where history begins…


Follow the tumultuous saga of the Mortal Realms in a single volume – from the battles against the forces of Chaos, through the Soul Wars against the hordes of Nagash, to the chosen warriors of Sigmar fighting in the Era of the Beast.


The Mortal Realms are lost.

From the ashes of the World-that-Was, the God-King Sigmar plucks from oblivion the souls of warriors that die in his name, and on the Anvil of Apotheosis reforges them anew. These brave but damaged Stormcast Eternals face near-insurmountable odds to bring Sigmar’s light back to the Mortal Realms, and reclaim them from the grasp of the ascendant Ruinous Powers of Chaos.


- The Gates of Azyr (Novella) by Chris Wraight
- Soul Wars (Novel) by Josh Reynolds
- Dominion (Novel) by Darius Hinks

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