MtG: Global Series - Jiang Yanggu Vs. Mu Yanling

MtG: Global Series - Jiang Yanggu Vs. Mu Yanling

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Jiang Yanggu wanders the world accompanied by his faithful companion, Mowu, searching for clues to a past he can't remember.

Mu Yanling, an enigmatic storm mage, remembers her tragic past all too clearly but will never give up hope of saving those she loves.

When their paths collide on a sacred magical mountain, they realize they both may be caught up in a greater mystery than they ever imagined.

Each of the included decks was designed for Magic players in China and features new cards and characters created by Chinese writers, artists, and folklorists. The Global Series shares diverse expressions of Magic with players around the world.

2 Sixty-card Decks, including 2 Premium Planeswalker Cards
1 Premium Double-sided Token
1 Informational Insert

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