Android Netrunner -  Inside Job (50 sleeves)

Android Netrunner - Inside Job (50 sleeves)

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"Goodnight, New Angeles. From all of us at NBN Nightly to all of you at home, sleep well. We're watching over you."

- NBN Nightly

Whether you plan to use Android: Netrunner Art Sleeves to protect your Corp and Runner decks for Android: Netrunner LCG, run deep against the servers of another LCG, or safeguard an entirely different collection of cards, these stunning, top-quality sleeves allow you to do so in style, all while immersing you in the cyberpunk future of New Angeles, NeoTokyo, and the all-reaching network….


Acid-free 100 micron polypropylene plastic


2.5" x 3.5" (63.5mm x 88mm)

50 sleeves per pack

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