Astra Militarum Leman Russ Executioner

Astra Militarum Leman Russ Executioner

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The Leman Russ Executioner carries the dreaded Plasma Destroyer. This weapon is exceedingly deadly and is even potentially dangerous to it's crew.  However it's firepower is worth the risk.  It is favored by the Skitarii of Ryza.

This box set contains one multi-part plastic Leman Russ Demolisher, and all of the components to allow you to assemble either a Punisher or Executioner variant instead. This 98-piece kit includes all of the sponson and hull-mounted weapon options available to Leman Russ tank variants, including: a lascannon, heavy bolters, heavy flamers, multi-meltas, and plasma cannons. Also included are a Tank Commander, smoke launchers, and a sheet of water slide transfers.

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