Blood Bowl Team: Greenfield Grasshuggers

Blood Bowl Team: Greenfield Grasshuggers

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The technical deficiency of Halfling teams is legendary. They’re too short to throw or catch, they run at half pace, and it goes without saying that their blocking game leaves something to be desired. Most Halfling coaches, aware of the material that they have to work with, make up for quality with quantity. The Greenfield Grasshuggers are the perfect example – they might not be the tallest or the strongest or the fastest, but at least they try!

Field the Greenfield Grasshuggers – or any Halfling Blood Bowl team – with this bundle. You’ll receive a Halfling Blood Bowl team made up of 12 metal miniatures, including 2 each of players 1-6 and a Halfling Cook, and 2 metal Blood Bowl Treemen. Supplied with 14 25mm slotted round bases.

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