Bounty Hunters: Close Combat Specialists

Bounty Hunters: Close Combat Specialists

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Preferring to get up close and personal, these bounty hunters bring down their targets while looking them right in the eye. Blades and X’cess slash through flesh, Jarl Ramsaur cleaves them all in two, and “Clank” is fine with nothing but his mighty fists. Get too close and these hunters will put you down!


  • Highly detailed metal miniatures.
  • These Bounty Hunters can be elite troopers in an Outcast or a Forsaken warband.
  • Blades is a whirling dervish in combat, with a variety of different effects to choose from with his knives.

Jarl Ramsaur uses his might to pull enemies closer and sweep them clear with his Arc attack.

"Clank"  is tough to hit in combat, and uses his hands to deliver paralyzing and immobilizing blows.

X’cess can infiltrate and delivery deadly blows with her katana and toxic dagger, retaliating when she comes under attack



1 Blades,

1 Jarl Ramsaur,

1 “Clank”

1 X’cess,

1 40mm bases,

3 30mm bases,

and their Dark Age Unit Cards

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