Bounty Hunters: Teamwork Specialists

Bounty Hunters: Teamwork Specialists

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Bringing down their foes for a hefty wage in bludgelt, these Bounty Hunters work as a team to get the job done.

Phadras and Maximo work in tandem to bait and switch their foes, Nathaniel and Orchid dance a coordinated waltz of war, and Lucky– she is

a great teammate for anyone with the coin!



  • Highly detailed metal miniatures.
  • These Bounty Hunters can be elite troopers in an Outcast or Forsaken warband.
  • Phadras & Maximo are designed for ‘bait & switch' tactics – lure the enemy in with the Scut and then pound them with the Brute. 

          Nathaniel & Orchid work incredibly well together, giving each other valuable re-rolls.      

          Lucky and her flare gun can support any force, hold her back and use that 12” range.



1 Phadras,

1 Maximo,

1 Nathaniel,

1 Orchid,

1 Lucky,

1 40mm base,

4 30mm bases, and their Dark Age Unit Cards


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