BR-47 self-propelled weapon platform - Red Rain/Fury

BR-47 self-propelled weapon platform - Red Rain/Fury

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In Dust Tactics, the SSU is always working to find ways to support their tremendously effective infantry with more firepower. The BR 47 Self-Propelled Weapon Platform has proven an inexpensive and potent method for bringing some anti-tank weapons to the battlefield. The base chassis for this unit was little more than a farm vehicle. It is inexpensive to produce and fit with a single large gun. Fielding a few of these big guns can hold a line against much tougher targets. The Red Fury configuration wields a massive 100 mm M1946 gun, capable of dealing damage to even the heaviest tanks and hardiest infantry. If you have a few Observers in your SSU army, then you may prefer to use the Red Rain configuration, which features a 200 mm Heavy Mortar for devastating artillery strikes. Either configuration provides some serious firepower for a relatively low cost. Make the most of your SSU army by fielding these heavy hitters today.

comes with unit cards for Dust Tactics.

model comes assembled and primed.

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