Brood: Pod

Brood: Pod

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Like mobile wombs for the Brood Mere’s Puds, the Pod is a genetic extension of the Broodspawn life cycle given legs, claws and rapidly-knitting flesh. Brood Pods are hulking insectoid creations in whose abdomens brew a potent genetic stew; in that stew swim dozens of immature Puds waiting to be born. Vomiting forth any Puds that grow to adulthood within them to create swarms of savage creatures, the Pods keep their spawn as small and hungry as possible in order to be used in the most foul of reproductive cycles – the infestation of living beings.

Those enemies who are fortunate enough to die under the slashing claws of the Brood Pod are spared the horror of the beast’s oral “depositor”. The Pod’s mouth unhinges, revealing a chitinous tube tipped with hooked barbs designed to bold hold on to and hold open a pinned target’s mouth. Once able the Pod pumps a single hungry Pud into the target’s gullet along with a gush of growth hormones, where the tiny voracious beast matures to adulthood and immediately begins to eat its way out of the host! Little can describe how horrible a death this truly is, making the Brood Pod easily one of the most feared creatures to stalk out from the Black Marsh.

Pods are elite squads used in Brood forcelists; savage killers in their own right as well as a way to create and control Puds or Pud Swarms.

 Resin and pewter kit. Comes with premium plastic base.

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