Bushido : Blood Brothers - Shuohuang

Bushido : Blood Brothers - Shuohuang

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Shuohuang is considered one of the greatest swordsmen in the empire, he has surpassed all kenjutsu masters who ever taught him and any samurai with any skill with a blade will know his name. He is a living legend. Like his brothers though Shuohuang is tired from being chased across the empire, only his sheer doggedness and determination to live motivates him to go on. Many would like the scalp of Shuohuang, none have succeeded yet.

Blister contains one model, one 30mm base and one full colour profile card.

The Blood Brothers can join any Non-Imperial aligned faction:

Cult of Yurei

Savage Wave

Ito Clan

Silvermoon Syndicate

Jung Pirates

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