Bushido : Blood Brothers - Ying-Jian

Bushido : Blood Brothers - Ying-Jian

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Ying-Jian is the eldest of the three brothers and naturally Shuohuang and Shenzhiqi look to him for leadership. At a nod from Ying-Jian the three operate in unison. He has always been an able swordsman however years of being on the run, hunted down, have worn away at his honour as much as his constitution. He has developed skills and techniques not taught in any koryu but earned doing whatever it takes to survive.

Blister contains one model, one 30mm base and one full colour profile card.

The Blood Brothers can join any Non-Imperial aligned faction:

Cult of Yurei

Savage Wave

Ito Clan

Silvermoon Syndicate

Jung Pirates

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