Bushido : Ito Clan - Mizuki Ito

Bushido : Ito Clan - Mizuki Ito

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Another daughter of the Ito clan succumbed to the temptation of Orochi’s Blessing. Once a beautiful child of the Ito, with many a samurai lord interested in claiming her hand for a son. That was all before she started the visions that led her to her one and only partner, for now she is wed to Orochi. The Blessing awakening a deep power within her, granting her the power to grant minor gifts to fellow believers to conduct Orochi’s bidding. Her gaze able to bend the minds of even the most resolute to her own ends or freeze them in place until they might serve a purpose for this deadly and beautiful Shugenja of the Ito.

Blister contains one model, one 40mm base and one full colour profile card.   

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