Bushido : Savage Wave - Bakemono Boomers

Bushido : Savage Wave - Bakemono Boomers

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A lot could be said for the subterranean races’ savage and cruel practices however their ability to adapt and change based on the environment and resources available cannot be ignored, their resourcefulness is something to be admired when considering the scarcity of materials offered in the dark places they claim as their own. Now with the world in turmoil, ravaged by war, the bakemono tribes pick the battlefields clean like maggots at a wound. This has led to the advancements of the Prefecture being turned against them. The boomers are one such example of this, two brave and possibly a little stupid bakemono eagerly working the famous ryu arquebus to deadly effect.  

Blister contains two models, one 40mm base and one full colour profile card. 

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