Bushido : Temple of Ro-Kan - Starter Set

Bushido : Temple of Ro-Kan - Starter Set

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The serene martial artist masters of the Temple of Ro-Kan have long viewed themselves as above all mortal and mundane conflicts. Now, following the Savage Wave, and the rise of the Cult of Yurei, the monks of Ro-Kan are being dragged into the clandestine wars of universal balance – a war in which they will reluctantly turn out to be key players. The monks follow an age-old path and know the secrets of Ki better than any others, but they are few and divided – will they be able to unite and join forces until it is too late?

This starter set contains:

  • Six finely sculpted pewter minatures:
    • Master Ekusa
    • Master Ekusa's tortoise
    • Kenko
    • Yumi
    • Rice Farmer
    • Atsuko
  • One 40mm and Four 30mm round bases
  • Five full colour profile cards

Models supplied unassembled, unpainted and may require some trimming and cleaning before assembly. Recommended for ages 12+.

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