Bushido : Tengu Descension - Starter Set

Bushido : Tengu Descension - Starter Set

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For countless cycles the elders of the mountain have watched and waited, their quiet vigil in the high places of the world unbroken. Silently they have over seen the rise and fall of innumerable clans, the petty squabbles of mortals bare no relevance to their goal. Gifted with generations of knowledge passed down through the written teachings of the Karasu Shugenja and oral histories of the Koroko Shisai the Tengu hold the secrets of the world in the their high homes.

Now stirred into action, one can only imagine the danger that looms that has rustled the Tengu to war. 

Blister contains five models, one 40mm base, four 30mm bases and five full colour profile cards.

 Models supplied unassembled, unpainted and may require some trimming and cleaning before assembly. Recommended for ages 12+

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