Cardfight !! Vanguard - Leon Soryu

Cardfight !! Vanguard - Leon Soryu

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The Cardfight Vanguard Leon Soryu Trial Deck features the Aqua Force, the clan used Leon Soryu, the champion of the Asia Circuit. The Clan Type is Accel! Experience the waves of consecutive attacks with the 3 Gift Markers included in this deck. It also includes 4 copies of cards needed for Accel like "Marine General of the Restless Tides, Algos". A "Marine General of the Restless Tides, Algos" with special treatment is randomly included too. This deck can be strengthened with cards from the Champions of the Asia Circuit booster set. Each deck includes 50 cards, a first guide, a playmat, and 3 Gift Markers. There are 14 different cards in the deck, including 4 holo cards.

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