Chaos Space Marine Havocs (classic)

Chaos Space Marine Havocs (classic)

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Some Chaos Space Marine squads carry a high proportion of heavy weapons to lay down supporting fire for their brethren. Known as Havocs, these squads provide devastating anti-infantry and anti-armour firepower and dominate large swathes of the battlefield with their merciless volleys of fire.

These Chaos Space Marines, adored with the symbols of Chaos, are posed with a variety of weapons at the ready. This kit contains includes an option for an Aspiring Champion and four heavy weapons including a missile launcher, a heavy bolter, a lascannon, and an autocannon. Some of the weapons themselves show the taint of Chaos, with open maws sculpted at the tip of the barrels, as well as on charge pack and cylinders. In addition to this, skulls hang off the backpacks, or feature as icons.

This is a finely detailed resin cast kit, and contains 26 components and five 25mm round bases with which to make five Chaos Space Marine Havocs.

This kit is supplied unpainted and requires assembly

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