Chaos Space Marine Warpsmith

Chaos Space Marine Warpsmith

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Warpsmiths are the masters of the machine. Most can trace their origins back to the priesthood of Mars, whether through the schisms of the Magi or the rigid doctrine of the Techmarines. However, where the Adeptus Mechanics regard technology as sacrosanct, the Warpsmiths seek to subjugate and control it.

The Warpsmith model stands within a swirl of his own mechatendrils, segmented snake-like creations that end in an assortment of baroque heads, spikes and drills. Standing with one foot raised upon a piece of debris, the Warpsmith possesses fusion claws, stretched-skull vents, and a spectacular cloak of cables, each of which end in plugs or mechanical maws. The Mark of Chaos is emblazoned across his chest, whilst much of the rest of his armour - his shoulder pads and loin cloth - continues the pattern of segmentation. Finally, he carries a huge, barbed power axe.

This is a finely detailed resin cast kit, and contains 18 components and one 25mm round bases with which to make a Chaos Space Marine Warpsmith.

This kit is supplied unpainted and requires assembly

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