Dark Age Faction Deck - C.O.R.E.

Dark Age Faction Deck - C.O.R.E.

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It has been a mere decade since the C.O.R.E. AI was reawakened. As its original code was incomplete, it has been filling in many of the gaps itself. Many of the robotic forms designed by Isuza Dynamics Pre-Abandonment are being used by the AI, and even more have been repurposed or designed in response to the various factions the C.O.R.E. forces have encountered. The C.O.R.E. AI continues to learn, and has an infinite patience.


• A deck of high-quality, linen-finish, unit and upgrade cards in a custom tuckbox.

• These cards are used to collect and play a C.O.R.E. warband for Dark Age.

• All of the rules used to play the C.O.R.E. warband (outside of the Dark Age master rules) are found in this card deck.


The custom tuckbox contains: 36 cards - 25 Dark Age unit cards and 11 upgrade cards.


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