Dark Age: Master Rules

Dark Age: Master Rules

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Samaria is a very compelling setting, there are plenty of great factions with different playstyles, and the miniature range contains some of the finest sculpts on the market. None of these things would mean anywhere near as much if there wasn’t a tight, well-paced rule set to support them all. Thankfully we’ve had a very solid set of Dark Age rules for many years now, and we felt it was time to bring that tight rule set together with the questions/suggestions our players have asked/made over the last four years. The Dark Age: 2017 Master Rules is the result.

76-page hardcover book

A great overview of the setting for Dark Age, and background for each of the factions.  A tight set of rules that will be very familiar to existing players and easy to grasp for new players. Note: All of your current models and their stat cards are still all viable options for your gaming.

 A set of tested scenarios that you can use for friendly games or for competitive play in a tournament setting.



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