Dogs of War

Dogs of War

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In the prosperous lands of Gravos the balance of power is always in motion. Ancient noble houses from different regions employ powerful armies to uphold their iron will. Vying for control over the land, it's resources and its peoples, these families clash together in several bloody battles every year. However, as mighty as these houses may be, they are ultimately evenly matched. It is only with the support of extraneous forces that one of them can hope to emerge truly victorious!

Enter the DOGS OF WAR.

Be they influential nobles, ruthless mercenaries or scheming upstarts, these are individuals whose resourcefulness is only matched by their pragmatism. They are able to amass powerful military forces capable of changing the tides of war; wars in which they have no interest other than coming out on top. They will offer their soldiers to whatever side will benefit them the most, often changing allegiances in the blink of an eye.

In this game for 3-4 players, you will take control of one of these Dogs of War. Ensure the houses you support are victorious in battle! Otherwise, quickly rally to the support of the winning side.


  • 1 Game Board 
  • 3 Battle Victory trackers 
  • 1 Year marker 
  • 6 House Victory tokens 
  • 6 Bonus Reward tokens 
  • 8 Order of Battle tiles 
  • 6 House cards 
  • 6 House Support cards 
  • 32 Tactic cards 
  • 50 Soldier cards 
  • 72 House Influence tokens 
  • 35 coins 
  • 60 Victory Point tokens 
  • 30 Captains Figures 
  • 5 Player screens 
  • 1 First Player token 

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