Dragyri: Fire Caste Leadership

Dragyri: Fire Caste Leadership

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The Fire Caste mix advanced tech with raw savagery to burn their foes to ash.

Wielding powerful technology frowned upon by their cousins, the Dragyri Fire Caste are a force to be reckoned with. Harnessing destructive energy of Fire Focus as well as advanced equipment, the Spirit Lord of the Fire Caste is a walking maelstrom. Keeping enemies at bay for the Spirit Lord to wreak havoc is the fast and deadly Volcanic Helot who wields her spear with precision. The stalwart Volcanic Phalanx tucks behind her energy shield and lances out at those who draw too near. The Fire Caste may have questionable honor to other Dragyri Castes, but their prowess is legendary!

All miniatures require assembly and painting.

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