Dragyri: Ice Caste Blizzard Unit

Dragyri: Ice Caste Blizzard Unit

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The Ice Caste are mighty warriors, bringing cold and ruthless power to battle.

Driven by honor to battle in the name of their Arbiter, the Ice Caste of the Dragyri are as stalwart and cold as their elemental namesake. Leading this trio of warrior Trueborn is a mighty Spirit Lord of the Ice Caste, a capable warrior in his own right but also a powerful wielder of icy elemental Focus powers. Scouting ahead for worthy prey is the Soul Searcher, always looking for the perfect place to charge a foe with its dual blades. Never far behind however, a devoted Death’s Device and its mighty greatsword charges forward to an Ice Caste victory!

All miniatures require assembly and painting.

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