Dragyri: Ice Caste Hailkins

Dragyri: Ice Caste Hailkins

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Created using the powerful Focus of the Ice Caste Dragyri, Hail Kin are the elemental minions of the Soul Wardens. Originally crafted through the curiosity of one of the Ice Caste’s leading minds, these ensorcelled shards of elemental ice are a unique cog within the Dragyri war machine. Once Luck’kit-kaii learned about his Soul Wardens’ new children, he gave his blessings to their use and the teaching on how to create more of them. Hail Kin are as large as a man but made of solid ice and held together through energies beyond human comprehension – just another sign of the evolved state of the Dragyri people.

Steady sliding across the battlefield like the approach of tiny glaciers, Hail Kin are as eerily beautiful as they are deadly. Whether it is hurling savagely sharpened spikes made from their own body mass or being physically manipulated to rain icy death through the magics of the Soul Warden, the lesser Ice Caste elementals are a major threat to the Dragyri’s foes.

Hail Kin are elemental units able to be part of an Ice Caste forcelist, bringing a mystic tactical advantage that clever Dragyri players will put to devastating use.

Get this beautiful blue resin version of this fearsome unit!

Unpainted figure, requires assembly. Comes with free unit card and premium plastic base.

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