Dragyri: Shadow Caste Naedrae / Vespa box

Dragyri: Shadow Caste Naedrae / Vespa box

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The Naedrae are the Shadow Caste’s public assassination squad, Emotionless, unbound by false conceptions of morality and honor, unquestionably loyal to the Arbiter of Chaos, Naedrae are quite possibly the most fearsome assassins beneath Samaria. Eschewing ritualized combat, they go straight for their opponent’s most vulnerable point. Their killings are public and quite messy, and they have rarely failed to carry out an assignment.



• Highly detailed resin miniature – this brand new model brilliantly represents the speed and lethality the female Shadow Caste exude.

• This Naedrae would be line troper in a Dragyri Shadow Caste warband, and could also be fielded in a warband from another elemental caste.

• The Naedrae are best used as a missile. Point them at the model or group that you want to see dead and let them go. Their attacks not only cause Panic, but if you kill an opponent with them, you can place your Naedrae somewhere else within 6”!



Blister pack contains: one (1) Shadow Caste Naedrae, one (1) 40mm base, and one Dark Age unit card.

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