Dragyri: Shadow Caste Keeper / Strega box

Dragyri: Shadow Caste Keeper / Strega box

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Over countless centuries, the Umbra – strange beings of a shadowy essence from the void between galaxies – have been hidden beneath the sands of Samaria, and they continue to grow as they feed. In order to keep these shape-shifting beings in check, the Arbiter of Chaos has created a cadre of Focus-wielders to track down and dispatch those Umbra out in the wilds of Samaria, as well as ensuring the Umbra beneath the sands remain there. The trials involved in becoming a Strega are incredibly arduous, with many aspirants dying before they can take up the mantle. No more than thirteen Strega stalk the world, searching for renegade Umbra.


There are many types of devoted soldiers in the Shadow Caste, but few are more terrifying than the Death’s Devices and the Raaf. Rubbing their armor with raw fear-inducing pheromones, the Death’s Device can kill with terror as easily as they can with sword and shield. The Raaf are lethal knife fighters that love nothing more than the feel of xenosathic alloy slicing through flesh.


1 Death’s Device of Shadow

1 Raaf

2 40mm bases

2 Dark Age Unit Cards.

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