Dragyri: Shadow Caste Umbra Shadow Elemental

Dragyri: Shadow Caste Umbra Shadow Elemental

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Summoned from the very depths of terror itself, the smoky shadow that is the Umbra is brought forth to spread fear and discord in enemy ranks. Towering above all but a handful of enemies it will face, the Umbra uses its nightmare aura to cause panic in their forces, a panic that slows down reaction timing and

causes even enemy heroes and leaders to stutter and stall in their attacks. Beware the shadows, for they are dark and full of terrors.



• Highly detailed resin miniature – this brand new model is a masterpiece, rendering elegant smoke clouds and brutal menace into miniature form.

• This Umbra Shadow Elemental would be a feature model in a Dragyri Shadow Caste warband.

• The Umbra Shadow Elemental is basically terror incarnate. It is equally adept at dealing with powerful characters or massed troopers, and can sow discord in enemy ranks, better allowing the rest of the force to sweep through.



Blister pack contains: one (1) Umbra Shadow Elemental, one (1) 50mm base, and one Dark Age unit card.

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