Forsaken: Saint John Aegis of Faith

Forsaken: Saint John Aegis of Faith

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Atop his shining, bio-mechanical griffon, the voice of Saint John is a roar of righteousness that heralds his arrival – and the impending defeat of the foes of the Forsaken!

• Highly detailed metal miniatures
• This will be a feature model in a Forsaken: St. John warband.
• Saint John, mounted on the gryphon Aegis of Faith, is incredibly brutal. Not only should his hammer –Lawbringer – be swinging on the front lines, but when confronted by multiple opponents, John and his gryphon can also deliver devastating shockwaves that remove action points (AV) from your opponent.

Box contains: one (1) Mounted Saint John model, one (1) 80mm base, and one (1) Dark Age unit card.

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