Forsaken: Saint John Faction Box

Forsaken: Saint John Faction Box

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“We fight for more than glory. We fight to hold back the darkness that threatens our people on all sides, that would tear down what God’s chosen people have built up. We fight for our very survival upon a world that punishes the wicked and the sacred alike. We fight because the Forsaken must endure and survive as it is God’s will that we shall.” – Saint John

“…but mostly we fight for the glory.” – Saint Mark

“Delusional fools who are led by the nose by those who care not one whit for them or their baseless faith. I regret that so many will die for the rest to learn my truth.” – Saint Johann, the Scorpion Saint

One of the human factions on Samaria, the Forsaken are trying to survive and prosper on a world where they were long ago the abandoned and dispossessed. Despite being surrounded by foes the Forsaken possess an iron drive and belief in a vengeful God that has molded them into a well-ordered and proficient force that has proven capable of facing every threat against them. The Forsaken are spoiled for choice in Dark Age – having no less than 8 subfactions and dozens of models to build forces from.

(Just a quick note – you’re going to hear a bit about “Unaligned” and “Subfaction” troopers – what this means is that many of the armies of Dark Age have warriors that will work for the entire faction, and, additionally, there are some troops that only work for specific subfactions in the faction – don’t worry, this will be clear shortly!)

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