Garden of Morr

Garden of Morr

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Morr is the God of the Dead and ruler of the underworld. The Gardens of Morr are a place of transition, where physical bodies are put to rest and spirits are allowed to pass into the underworld. Most spirits are allowed to rest easy, safely protected by Morr himself, but some are doomed to haunt the world of the living, consigned to a living death from which there is no escape. It's these ghosts and revenants that haunt the Garden of Morr, frightening those who trespass within it. Only the Priests of Morr, who tend these graveyards, have the fortitude to walk amongst them undeterred.

The Garden of Morr is the perfect scenery piece for a Warhammer battlefield - grim, dark, foreboding and ineffably mysterious. The set includes three mausoleums, a statue of Morr and a series of walls and gates that surrounds them. While they can be set up together, they also work well as individual terrain pieces that can be set up across the battlefield. The Statue could be used as a Sinister Statue in games, while the fences and walls would make an ideal Ghost Fence or Blessed Bulwark to protect your troops. You could even use the mausoleums as Chapels or an Acropolis of Heroes.

This multi-part plastic kit contains one Garden of Morr - a finely detailed scenery piece that comes in 42 components. This scenery set is supplied unpainted and requires assembly

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