House Goritsi Character Box 1

House Goritsi Character Box 1

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The Night Legion hones its warriors through trials of blood and darkness to bring out the most fearsome commanders Telloria has to offer. Korrad Ungarahs has commanded Night Legion troops for longer than most of the current nobility has been alive, bringing almost two centuries of cunning to every stratagem. Hestra Nostrollo's grace in battle is renowned, even for a War Dancer, as her magic confuses and distracts opponents to leave them open for her signature claws. And Lord Hob's mighty presence inspires even the most timid of troops to acts of valor and glory!
1x Korrad Ungarash, 1x Hestra Nostrollo, 1x Lord Hob, bases, and Stat Cards
Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled, Plastic components.

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