House Goritsi Character Box 3

House Goritsi Character Box 3

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As fearsome as werewolves are, few achieve the pinnacle of terrifying might seen in Gorbal the Rampager. Himself the product of an unholy experiment, Gorbal can never return to human form, yet he embraces his outcast state and places himself at the forefront of every battle. As a commander in the Night Legion, he has few equals.

Kozakar the Packmaster wanted little to do with civilization, until the Second Scion War came to find him. Now he serves as a scout and guide to the Night Legion and House Goritsi. With his loyal pack of vildertosks at his command, Kozakar becomes a one- man unit, capable of hunting the largest prey.

1x Kozakar The Packmaster, 1x Gorbal the Rampager, bases, Unit cards

Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled, Plastic components.

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