House Goritsi Ravenscar Mercenaries

House Goritsi Ravenscar Mercenaries

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Tough, brutal, and somewhat unruly to the non-Tellorian eye, Ravenscar Mercs have a reputation for ruthless efficiency that's in perfect keeping with their role as rank-and-file troops in an army of monsters. Ravenscar sergeants are no different, and, as some of the most highly-paid soldiers in Arikania, they often spend large sums on powerful crossbows that get them our of the meat grinder of the front ranks. A variety of trick shots and specialized bolts make Sergeants the perfect support for these formidable professional soldiers.
12x Ravenscar Merc, 2x Ravenscar Sergeant, bases, and Stat Cards
Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled, Plastic components.

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