House Hadross Neritic Horrors

House Hadross Neritic Horrors

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The so-called ‘Neritic Horror’ is best described as a carnivorous, ambulatory, coral reef. Indeed, the ‘creature’ isn’t a single entity, but rather a microcosm consisting of hundreds and hundreds of living and growing corals. Not only is the shambling collection of corals razor sharp at all extremities, it can let out a screech to stun weak-minded foes and cripple those of stronger mental fortitude.


• Highly detailed plastic miniatures

• The Neritic Horrors are Rank 1 Specialists that would make a great addition to any Hadross army.

• The Neritic Horrors are best deployed against enemy troops that already have low Will values. The Aura they project reduces enemy Will, leaving massed troops vulnerable to the Neritic Horror’s terrifying attack - the Abyssal Screech.


Boxed set contains: two (2) Neritic Horror models, two (2) 80mm base, and one (1) Wrath of Kings unit card.

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