House Shael Han Character Box 1

House Shael Han Character Box 1

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Versatile, brilliant, and deceptive, Achrionian leaders are renowned for their formless strategies and flexibility. In their spheres, each represents the pinnacle of their late Scion Queen's mystifying battle doctrines. With no favorite stratagems or tactics, the Winterhawk's enemies find themselves scrambling to counter his every move, usually long after any counter was possible.

Madam Mui leads her Iron Lotus Warriors in a whirling dance of death that mows through enemy ranks as a scythe through wheat. And the Warchild's disciplined ferocity serves as both tool and weapon, granting him unparalleled striking power and survivability.

1x Warchild, 1x Winterhawk, 1x Madam Mui, bases, and unit cards

Models come unpainted and unassembled. Plastic components.

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