House Teknes Character Box 1

House Teknes Character Box 1

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Tough, brilliant, and cunning describe both the Felskar nation and its most accomplished leaders. A veteran of the Humanum Revolution, Gulraast the Ironward knows that more battles are won by logistics than tactics. His enemies can expect to be outgunned and out-manned at every turn. Raeth Sevisk, the living legend, inspires loyalty, courage, and devotion in any endeavor. His very presence on the battlefield can turn a rout into a stunning victory. And woe betide the enemy that mistakes Timoshkin, the Technomantic Berserker, for easy prey.

1x Gulraast the Ironward, 1x Defender Raeth Sevisk, 1x Timoshkin, Bases, and Unit Cards
Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled, Plastic components.

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