House Teknes War Stomper

House Teknes War Stomper

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The War Stomper is a perfect example of Addanii ingenuity and engineering. Capable of crossing a battlefield at great speed, and armed with a variety of technomantic shields and power generators, the War Stomper gives House Teknes troops an extra edge in a variety of situations.

While the Addanii themselves are not physically imposing, one of these diminutive technomancers piloting a War Stomper becomes a force multiplier. When a battle line is properly supported by a War Stomper, enemies can find their weapons ineffective, their magic useless, or even themselves snared in pockets of slightly altered time. Wise commanders that keep a War Stomper in reserve can dispatch one to the hottest trouble spots on the field, just in time to turn the tide.

2x War Stompers, Bases, and Unit Cards
Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled, Plastic components.

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