Kukulkani: Coatlanak

Kukulkani: Coatlanak

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The alien Kukulkani have come to reap all the life energy from Samaria.

Invaders from the stars, the Kukulkani have come to Samaria on a crusade to reap the life energy from its inhabitants. Crushing foes with his jagged warclub or searing the flesh from their bones with technomantic blasts, the Supreme War Captain makes short work of those to be reaped. Scouting out to blast foes with their entropic essence, the Harvesters sacrifice themselves to fuel the crusade. The heart of the invasion are packs of Kukulkani Warriors and their maiming war clubs. Combined, the forces of the Kukulkani will not rest until they rip out the world’s still-beating heart!

All models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Models are resin and/or white metal, and are supplied with their unit cards and appropriately sized plastic bases.

This boxed set contains 2 Coatlanak Miniature.

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