Mage Wars Arena

Mage Wars Arena

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This is the fantasy game you have always wanted to play! You are a powerful Mage, stepping into the arena to battle to the death. Dripping with rich fantasy flavor, Mage Wars Arena combines the best elements of customizable card games and miniatures games. Fast-paced, exciting, and loaded with tough tactical decisions every round. Build your custom spellbook, then choose and cast just the spells you want at the right time. Enter the arena as a Beastmaster, Warlock, or Priestess, each with their own unique strategies.

The Arena Gameboard
2 New Spellbooks
336 Spell Cards
4 Mage Cards
4 Mage Ability Cards
2 Mage Status Boards
8 Status Cubes
20 Action Markers
2 Quickcast Markers
9 Attack Dice
1 Effect Die (d12)
27 Damage Counters
12 Mana Counters
8 Guard Markers
6 Ready Markers
23 Condition Markers
3 Ability Markers
1 Initiative Marker

Ages: 14+
Players: 2
Game Length: 45-90 minutes

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