MtG: Kaldheim Bundle

MtG: Kaldheim Bundle

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Venture into an icy land of legends and monsters in Kaldheim! Take on the role of epic vikings and get ready to go on a rampage. Discover creatures from ancient myths and unleash their wrath on your opponents. Only the fittest will survive in Kaldheim. Can you conquer this frozen land?

Want to expand your Magic collection quickly? With a bundle you immediately have a large stack of boosters, basic lands, various accessories and a handy collection box.

A bundle of Kaldheim contains:

- Ten boosters from Kaldheim.
- A unique foil promo card.
- 20 basic lands from Kaldheim.
- 20 foil basic lands from Kaldheim.
- An oversized spindown die Kaldheim.
- An art wrap from Kaldheim.
- A collection box from Kaldheim.

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