MtG: Strixhaven Bundle

MtG: Strixhaven Bundle

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Strixhaven : School of Mages

Each of our Colleges was founded by the elder dragon whose name each school bears. Our founders were paragons of magic and knowledge, and each school strives to match its founder's vision and magical aptitudes! We won't be meeting the founders today, but with any amount of luck, they may show up at orientation!

Take careful consideration of each college and start giving thought to which one you'll choose!

Want to expand your Magic collection quickly? With a bundle you immediately have a large stack of boosters, basic lands, various accessories and a handy collection box.

A bundle contains:

- Ten boosters.
- A unique foil promo card.
- 20 basic lands.
- 20 foil basic lands.
- An oversized spindown die.
- An art wrap.
- A collection box.

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