MtG: Strixhaven Commander deck - Lorehold

MtG: Strixhaven Commander deck - Lorehold

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Strixhaven : School of Mages

Each of our Colleges was founded by the elder dragon whose name each school bears. Our founders were paragons of magic and knowledge, and each school strives to match its founder's vision and magical aptitudes! We won't be meeting the founders today, but with any amount of luck, they may show up at orientation!

Take careful consideration of each college and start giving thought to which one you'll choose!

Loreholds are diligent researchers and daring adventurers. Passionate scholars obsessed with history, they explore the past by pouring over archaeological artifacts and summoning long-dead spirits. For some students, the past is a rich tapestry worthy of disciplined study. While others wear that tapestry like a cape as they jump down into a forgotten tomb. Their motto is "Leave no stone unturned."

Especially for Strixhaven, Wizards of the Coast comes with a set of two easy-to-get-in commander decks! Are you looking forward to discovering the wonderful world of Commander? Then this deck is perfect for you!

Commander (formerly EDH) is a Magic: the Gathering mode where each player plays with a deck of 99 cards, led by a legendary creature: the commander. Apart from the 6 basic lands, a commander deck may not contain double cards and you are also limited to the colors of your commander in the choice of cards for the deck.

To support this popular multiplayer format, Wizards of the Coast has designed two new commander decks that are thematically related to Strixhaven. Each deck contains 100 black-bordered cards, including three brand new, never-before-released cards. Each deck contains one foil commander. All new cards are tournament legal in vintage and legacy.

This commander deck contains:

- A deck of 100 blackbordered cards, including three previously unreleased cards.
- A foil commander.
- 10 double faced tokens per deck.
- A life wheel.

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